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Anonymous said: I'm black I was raised baptist but I don't have a belief in god. I feel like such a taboo.


You’re not alone in this. I know it’s easy to believe all Black people are in someway Christian, for a plethora of reasons including the sordid history of slavery and just how much the distinct Black church culture contributes to and influences a lot of our upbringing. But trust me, that is a very very limited understanding of Black religious affiliations [or the lack of].

You are not a taboo my friend. You are entitled to live in a way that you most understand and gives you the most peace and happiness.



White kids arguing with their parents

this little kid is the best 

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When it comes to insults, stick “Ol” in the front, and “ass bitch” in the back, and we will make a way out of no way.

Praise the lawd, I love my people.


Black history month 

bruh this shit too real. you know how many people just show up to my auntie’s barbecues in the summer. don’t nobody people knowing these niggas from adam and they be at the spade’s table


how niggas be when they bout to start roasting

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  • fast food restaurant sauces
  • fast food souvenir cups
  • grocery bags
  • the last squirt of the dish soap. add water, swirl that shit around and reuse.
  • the grease you used to fry whatever you felt like frying that day.
  • the gallon jugs that the juice you buy comes in. that will soon become a water jug.

Cool whip containers.

Butter tubs

Contempt for white people.




This is baeutiful

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All of the elders at a black cookout when the old school jams get played

madeupmonkeyshit:    I be feeling like the man when I walk through  Ain’t stunting what you saying when I walk through